5 Key Features for Maximizing Landing Page Conversions

Online marketing conceptThe landing page is considered the heart of any digital marketing campaign because it’s the first impression a visitor gets of your website. Done right, it could drive leads down the conversion funnel in mere seconds. But how could you make certain that your landing page is in line with your branding?

Below are five vital features you should definitely have in your landing page to increase conversions:

1. A Headline That’s Benefit-Driven

The most remarkable and memorable headlines exhibit how users could benefit from your offer, while making your brand shine, says bluegorilladigital.com and other digital marketers. Leverage the pain points of your target customers and use your headline to offer them a unique value proposition.

2. A Compelling Offer

The copy for your landing page must be precise, succinct, and straight to the point so that users could see it upon landing on your page. Get rid of unnecessary clutter and make sure that your landing page’s focus is on your offer.

3. A Solid Call-to-Action

A strong CTA could be the difference between getting a user to convert and alienating a user. Ensure that your landing page presents a specific CTA, such as “Call us now for a free quote!” or “Buy now, pay later!” etc.

4. Make the Copy the Star of the Landing Page

Research state that you only have a mere eight seconds or less to convince a casual browser to remain on your website. To help increase the odds of a user doing so, place all crucial information at the top of your landing page (also called above the fold) and include your logo, CTA, and value proposition.

5. Consider Adding an Informational Video

Your video should be 30 to 60 seconds max and must include your offer and how users could benefit from it. Publish it on YouTube or other video sharing sites and don’t forget to put the CTA beside it.

While a huge digital marketing budget could deliver relevant traffic to your site, if you’re sending that precious traffic to landing pages that are poorly optimized, you’re basically wasting your budget.

If you’re looking to maximize the conversion potential of your traffic to make more leads and sales, ensure that you incorporate the five key features mentioned above. You also need to consider A/B testing from time to time and see which features are working and which are not. For instance, images and CTAs are easy to change and usually have a big impact on conversion.