Going Digital: 3 Bad SEO Practices You Must Never Do

SEOIn the hopes of intensifying their search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns, many businesses today are willing to try and do everything they can. Along the process, however, they often commit bad practices that do more harm than good on their website. To enlighten you on these mistakes, listed below are some of the things you have to stop doing.

Keyword Stuffing

In SEO, having relevant and unique keywords are essential to the success of your campaign. However, using or putting too much of it may harm your website’s ranking. Keyword stuffing, or as what SEO experts in Australia call this practice is, may affect the credibility of your website.

What’s even worse is Google may penalise you for it, which makes it even impossible to rank your website. As a general rule, digital marketers recommend two to three keywords per page. This is to effectively lead users that are interested in availing your service or product.

Not Having Optimised Content

Content is a crucial element in making your site’s pages rank in search results. Without having enough or relevant content, your website will likely fail to be seen by users. However, before uploading content — be it text, image, or video, you have to ensure that it is optimised properly.

By optimised, meaning they are tagged properly — text content must have 1% to 3% keyword density and videos must be labeled and described accurately. In addition, try to make these content as relevant to what you’re offering.

Posting on Low-Quality Sources

While link building is an essential step in spreading your website all over the world wide web, you must avoid resorting to buying links. Instead, focus your link building efforts on legit and high-quality sources that are related to the services and products you’re providing.

Use your social media page, the big 5 business listing, and other reliable forms of link building to make your website relevant, trustworthy, and valuable to searches.

It’s easy to get lost in the practices surrounding SEO. With the continuous updates and development in this field, you may feel a little too overwhelmed by all these things. That’s why it’s important that you check and verify them first. This is to find out which among these strategies work and which aren’t. To do this, always keep yourself updated to the latest news and read related online journals.