Grow Your Car Repair Business by Venturing Into Aftermarket Car Parts

After Market Car PartsIf you run a car repair shop, you can’t ignore the need to have a Baileigh pipe notcher in the shop. This piece of technology offers you the chance to cash in on the growing aftermarket parts business in the country. As of 2014, the vehicle aftermarket sector in the US hit $35 billion, after five consecutive years of growth.

There’s a good explanation for the popularity of these types of car parts. Americans are driving much older cars as they avoid digging themselves deeper into debt. Recent studies indicate that most cars racing down the American highways are more than ten years old.

A growing customer base

As cars get older, the amount of effort necessary to keep them in good running condition increases. Such a development spells good news for your business as it means that you can tap into a growing customer base.

Experts estimate that by the year 2021, more than 100 million cars in America will be more than 16 years old. Diverting even a sliver of this portion to your shop guarantees success.

Again, to keep their car running costs low, most people gravitate toward pre-owned vehicles as they carry a smaller asking price. With the right equipment and expertise, you can help such car owners keep them in good shape.

A raging car aftermarket sector

In 2015, the aftermarket sector in the country grew to a whopping $68 billion, up from $35 billion in revenue recorded the previous year. It would appear that motoring enthusiasts finally realize the value of aftermarket parts.

Thanks to modern manufacturing technologies, these parts are better and can easily outperform most of OEMs. Again, they come with the ability to customize the look and performance of a ride. The ability to cater to such highly specific needs gives you an edge in the market and will keep your doors swinging.

Improved technologies and manufacturing processes often churn out aftermarket parts that are more durable and affordable compared with OEM replacement parts. Catering to this growing market gives you an opportunity to grow your auto repair business.