Australia Day: Unique Rituals And Traditions

AustraliaAcross different nations, countries celebrate their independence and other days of redemption. Some countries have civic ceremonies during the day, while others simply commemorate the heroes who fought for their country. In Australia, there are a number of rituals and traditions that encapsulate the Australian culture and spirit.

Here are some of the unique traditions they practice in celebrating Australia Day:

1. Brisbane annually hosts a cockroach racing

Ask your migration consultant in Brisbane about what is unique in the Land Down Under, and they will probably discuss the annual cockroach racing. While others are enjoying their barbeque parties, some are out in the pub to watch the critters dash towards glory. You can simply buy a cockroach, or bring one to participate in the event. Sometimes, the winner of the race receives a $200 voucher to a pub, and grabs the title, “Cockroach Racing Ambassador.”

2. Most Australians cool down at the beach

With over 7,000 beaches, Australia has been a travel haven to beach goers, especially in Brisbane, which is within an easy driving distance to many beaches. You can see families putting up a huge umbrella, and setting a picnic at the seashore. There are tales that some people spread that before 1902, it was illegal to swim at the beach during the day.

3. Throwing Street Parties symbolise all that is Australian

Some neighbourhoods throw street parties to symbolise the totality of the Australian culture—sharing and celebrating with the local communities. Everyone brings food—from vegemite sandwiches, meat pies and sausage rolls to Lamingtons and Pavlova—and drinks outside to share with their neighbours. The celebrations extend even up to the setting of the sun. At night, they experience vibrant live performance by local acts, and cap the night off with a wonderful fireworks display.

Celebrating Australia Day is best spent with loved ones. Australians do not need to express their freedom during the celebration. They simply represent the vibrancy and strength of the nation through local community gatherings, or other events they plan to have.