Enjoying Tokyo, Japan for Free!

Dense buildings in Minato-ku, Tokyo JapanIf you are planning a trip to Asia anytime soon, put Tokyo on top of your list. Why, this fantastic city offers a wealth of experience that will enrich your grasp of the Asian culture, particularly of the impressive Japanese way of life. Plus, you can find many amazing free attractions that will bend your travel budget and help you enjoy a mind-blowing vacation without breaking the bank.

Free Attractions That Don’t Cost a Yen

There is no need to always fish out some yens to see the best of Tokyo. Some of Tokyo’s most amazing places to visit to get a first-hand experience of the local way of life are free of charge. The trick is to ensure you are booking a strategic location for your accommodation to save more money. When making the decision on where to stay in Tokyo, consider your interests and the attractions you want to include in your limited time in the city. Being near popular attractions surely doesn’t hurt.

Ready to experience the city for free? Try the following for a start:

  • Check out the tuna auctions at the Tsukiji Market. What’s being in Tokyo without sushi? By being part of the viewing party, you will get to see how the restaurants obtain the freshest catch, the start of every wonderful sushi experience.
  • Odaiba is another free attraction you should not miss. This reclaimed land situated at Tokyo Bay allows you to sunbathe and simply be amazed at the structures there, including a replica of the USA’s Statue of Liberty.
  • You can join the locals jogging through the park paths that are practically everywhere in the city. You can even jog your way through the parks surrounding the Imperial Palace. If it’s a Sunday, you can get a free bike. You can pedal through the cycling course, also located at the palace surroundings.

Travelling involves a good amount of money. You need to pay for your accommodation and for booking several attractions that will enrich your experience. This does not mean that you have to go broke to enjoy the benefits of seeing the world. You can make the most of the money you set aside for travelling if you are wise enough with your decisions.