The Places are the People

beachWhen a place earns a name with the word “paradise” in it, you just know that it’s a promising destination worth visiting. The beaches around Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast are among the best in the country, which is saying something, since CNN’s top 100 beaches in the world included six Australian beaches.

The People

What is it about the beach that makes it so desirable? Is it the white sand or the clear water? Could it be the exciting nightlife? If you ask any seasoned tourist, the best part of any destination is the people. The locals are the ones who can show you all of what the place has to offer, and more, if you tip them well enough.

The people of Surfers Paradise are among the most accommodating in the Gold Coast. The entire city plays host to thousands of tourists in every form imaginable, from schoolies to seniors, there’s nothing Surfers folks can’t handle.

All Night Long

When tourists flow through the city for most of the year, it almost seems like everything works round the clock. The shopping, beach walking, and other attractions don’t stop once the sun sets, and a host of stylish pubs, clubs, and lounge bars are always available for any crowd looking for a good party. Live bands, DJs, and guest appearances from international stars are commonplace in Gold Coast’s after-dark precinct.

If loud music and strobe lights aren’t your speed, try the beachfront markets. One of the city’s largest night markets, Surfers Paradise hosts a coastal stretch of 120 different stalls every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday night for treasure hunters, bargain finders, or just after-dinner walkers.

The People Again

The people in this place genuinely want you to come and visit. Not only for their economy, but because they have so much to offer that keeping it to themselves would be considered a waste. The accommodating atmosphere is ingrained in Surfers Paradise, as its populace has played host to Australia and the rest of the world for nearly a century.

You can’t be in Australia without visiting Surfers Paradise; the P-word is in the name after all, and no one has knocked it to this day.