The Unplugged Life: What It can Do for You

Unplugged ethernet cableWe have come to a point where everything is “online”. From banking to shopping, even creating family connections, over half of our life’s activities are online, or at least you can view them there. So why get off the bandwagon?

Everyone needs a breather

How often have you gone to a coffee shop with just your wallet and, perhaps, a book to read? And if you brought a book, how often is it an actual paperback? Digital may mean convenience, but it also opens you up to as many negative emotions as it does positive ones.

You may remind yourself that only the best parts of any person’s life make it online, and most cannot help compare notes. Also, you may stay connected with co-workers via social media as well. This means you may inevitably find yourself thinking about work despite being on break. In such cases, unplugging is precisely what you need.

Explore the outdoors physically

It is easy to view photos of the wilderness online but what about exploring it yourself. Do not just admire the view at the wildlife center in Minnesota: pack your bags and go! You can go several places, like Carpenter Nature Center where you can get a larger-than-life view of nature.

Most outdoor recreational facilities provide visitors with options for activities suited for various age groups. They can even give suggestions for what you can do if you are not the type to rough it. You may even learn a thing or two about nature that you never read in books, or online.

Where to begin

Do your research. Not all outdoor facilities provide the same types of activities. If you enjoy hikes, look for a place that will give you access to various scenic trails. If you like to bike, find one that has bike trails.

Most locations will also give options for individual and group activities so if you intend to bring friends or family along; you can find the right activity for your trip.

Unplugging does not necessarily mean leaving all gadgets behind. If you want to take lasting snapshots of your trip, by all means, bring something to record it with for future reference. Just keep in mind that the point of the journey is to unwind and resist the temptation to log on.