These Haunted Attractions in Cornwall Will Scare You

Key on the floor of a jailCornwall is a noteworthy destination because of the beautiful views, the ruins and the historical attractions you can add to your itinerary. However, this part of England is also home to some haunted destinations that may pique the interest of thrill seekers looking for something different.

Pengersick Castle

Pengersick Castle has centuries of history; the oldest structure that still stands is its tower. The latter of which was part of a Tudor manor that was home to the notorious Pengersicks. The family is notorious for the numerous murders they committed this led to the popularity of legends surrounding their dastardly deeds. Smugglers also used the grounds to unload contraband items.

Bodmin Jail

This jail is a famous haunted attraction in Cornwall which has a dark past. The prison used to be a popular place where public hangings took place. As you explore the complex, you will see information about the inmates and their crimes. Go down to the scariest section of Bodmin, the eerie underground passages to realise why this is one of the scariest places in the country.

Jamaica Inn

This former coaching house built in the 1750s is one of the most haunted houses in the country. Some of the ghosts you might see include a young smuggler, a mother with her baby and a highwayman. It also used to be a den for smugglers.

Wheal Coates

The mine here stretches to the sea; visitors can access the mine’s shaft during low tide by passing through a cave at the end of Chapel Porth Beach. Many legends about it tell that ghosts wander aimlessly in the mine. These were miners that died in it while working in terrible conditions.

These are some of the scariest and haunted places you will visit during a trip to Cornwall. Add these to your itinerary, if you want to experience a different kind of adventure.