How to Empower the 21st Century Student

students studying onlineGone are the days when students had to go to the library to do their research or take down notes in their Trapper Keeper. Most students today have their own laptop not only for personal use, but more for doing research for their school papers and keeping their class notes.

Technology has changed the world of education and perhaps, just rightfully so. The American Academy believes that technology-assisted education, like an online summer school, is one way the 21st-century student can learn according to their discipline.

What is Their Discipline?

Being born in an era where technology is king brings about a number of differences compared to the other generations. Students today are firmer in making their own decisions when it comes to education and will respond better if you let them. They're more vocal about how they feel and what they want, and they want others to be the same towards them, especially their parents. They are also more creative and want to have an equal amount of time for it as their education. 

How Should They be Empowered?

  • Give them time to discuss and develop ideas. This could be in a group, or with a partner. As long as they have a dialogue with people who share the same experience or situation, they will flourish more than working alone.
  • Recognize their strengths and hone them. If you see that they write well or can express themselves better verbally, direct them in a path where they can sharpen those skills and use them for higher learning.
  • Listen and respond to them sincerely. They want to be heard, so encourage them voice out their opinions and constructively respond to them. Give them a sense of importance and let them know that their thoughts matter.

The older generation must be more accepting of these things about today's students because they are the future that will change the way face of education.