Food for the Diabetics’ Thought: Proper Diet and Nutrition

Vegetable salad on a bowlWith 29.1 million people in the United States diagnosed with diabetes and another 8.1 million possibly unaware that they suffer from it, this condition is no doubt one of the most common in the country. And to make matters even more concerning, medical and health professionals report around 1.4 million new cases every year.

A bit of good news is that majority of the sufferers – around 90 to 95 percent – has Type 2 diabetes, which is easier to control and manage. And a key to achieving this is through a proper diet. Of course, you should also consider working with diabetes management experts in Provo, so that you can increase your chances of coping much better with your condition.

Food: The foundation of health, especially in people with diabetes

For people to truly achieve good health, they have to incorporate a healthy diet into their lifestyle. This applies to everyone, but more importantly, to people suffering from conditions such as diabetes. In fact, diabetics have to pay more attention to what they eat and how much they consume, seeing as many different types of foods and beverages can drastically affect blood sugar levels.

Where proper diabetes management starts

Because it can be quite difficult for average diabetics to determine what and how much to eat, it’s best that they seek the assistance of professionals. This is because an effective diabetes management program starts with correct portioning and carbohydrate counting. Carbohydrates have the largest bearing on blood sugar levels, so knowing which foods contain high levels of these biological molecules can make a huge difference in the lives of diabetics.

Diabetes is a condition that can severely affect the overall quality of life, but with the right management plan, you can prevent it from turning your life upside down.