Smile with Confidence

woman wearing bracesThere are so many options of braces in the world these days so if the thought of walking around with a mouth full of metal does not feel great, then it can simply be a case of considering all the other teeth straightening treatments. Is it discretion that is priority? Maybe some people just don’t like the idea of getting wires glued to their teeth regardless of whether it’s front or back! Are some people just too proud to admit they need braces? Or could it be the fear of attending the dentist in the first place? If any of these points ring true then perhaps Invisalign in Weybridge hasn’t been offered as an option yet? Invisalign in Weybridge is typically offered to adults who want discretion and the ease of removability, although there is now an Invisalign Teen option so both young and old can enjoy the simplicity of this tooth straightening treatment.

In Weybridge, Invisalign is one of the teeth straightening treatments offered by Invisalign-registered practices in the area. Weybridge Orthodontics is one such dental practice, who is happy to create newly straightened smiles for its happy patients.

Dental anxiety

If there are any concerns or fears about going to the dentist then this is the least invasive tooth straightening treatment offered. There is no need for drilling or fixing wires to teeth. There are just a few photos and x-rays taken to map the course set for the patient’s teeth. A computer generated image will also be able to show the patient the end result of what their smile will look like, even before any aligners have been made.

What is the Invisalign process?

Well, as stated above, there are a few photos and x-rays taken and then a set of unique aligners are created. The first set of aligners is worn for approximately 7-10 days before changing to the second set, and so forth. This is to keep up a consistent pressure on the teeth so slowly but surely, they are eventually guided into the final desired position. The aligners are recommended to be worn for at least 20-22 hours per day for optimal results.