So Many Services From The Dentist In W1

More than a quarter of adults in the UKa dentist working say they dread visiting the dentist. This may mean that they delay their visit or don’t visit at all. That’s a shame because by the time someone notices there is a problem, they will probably be looking at more invasive and more expensive dental treatments to fix the problem than if they’d had the recommended twice-yearly check-ups. Not only would their teeth be in better condition, but they’d be up-to-date with the various other services on offer, some of which help with issues that one may not automatically associate with dentistry.

A modern dentist in W1, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic, offers a wide selection of dental and other treatments, from preventive dentistry to making lovely smiles.

Preventive Dentistry

  • Dental hygienist – removing the build-up of bacteria (plaque and tartar), cleaning away stains and education on toothbrushing techniques and equipment
  • Pregnancy check-ups – elevated levels of progesterone mean plaque builds up more quickly, making pregnant women more prone to gum disease. More frequent check-ups with the dentist in W1 keep pregnancy gingivitis at bay
  • Smoking cessation – a dentist in W1 can give advice and information to aid patients in stopping smoking, which will improve their oral health
  • Mouth cancer screening – a careful yearly check for lumps and lesions in the lips, mouth, throat and neck, really important after the age of about 40
  • Mouth guards – a vital tool for contact sports player to keep their teeth. Mouth guards are individually made for comfort and protection against injury.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatments are increasingly popular. They not only make people look good, they also have a positive effect on oral health and mental well-being. The cosmetic dentist in W1 can offer treatments such as:

  • Teeth whitening – using a safe hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and a UV light, it takes about an hour to lighten teeth in the dentist’s chair or about 2 weeks at home
  • White fillings – no more dark glints when people laugh. White fillings are stronger than ever and can be sculpted to replace the lost chewing surface
  • Braces – more and more adults are choosing cosmetic braces to straighten teeth. Straighter teeth look better and are easier to clean too.