The Process of Having Cosmetic Dentistry in Edinburgh

Dentist Holding DenturesGetting any dental treatment is a process of trust and communication. Some might argue that this process becomes even more important when someone has cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh. This is because cosmetic treatments are elective and designed to improve someone’s appearance and, potentially, their outlook on life. Choosing to have a dental procedure that might be highly beneficial but isn’t strictly necessary can be a big step for some patients to take.

With the support of a great dental practice, patients can improve their smile with cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh. Sometimes, the key is finding a practice, like Edinburgh Dental Specialists, that is willing to break down treatments into concise and practical steps that a patient needs to take. This is particularly important in the case of smile makeovers that combine multiple treatments for a significant overall effect.

What steps does cosmetic dentistry involve?

There are a wide range of available cosmetic treatments and each one will have a slightly different process. However, the steps involved are usually:

  • Consultation – this is where the patient and the dentist agree on which treatment or combination of treatments will be performed. Many people have set ideas about what they want but the dentist can offer advice to those who don’t. The consultation is also where the dentist will check the patient’s teeth to ensure that they are suitable for the proposed work. As a rule, cosmetic dentistry needs to be performed on healthy teeth. If any repairs are required, they need to be carried out before, or in conjunction with, the aesthetic improvements. Often, the clinic will be able to construct a treatment plan that co-ordinates everything;
  • Information – the patient will receive information from the dentist such as how the treatment will proceed, how many appointments are needed, what the aftercare will be like and an estimate of the costs involved. This means that the patient can make informed choices about their treatment;
  • Treatment – some cosmetic dentistry treatments only take a few hours while others can take much longer. Sometimes custom-made equipment will need to be prepared before someone can go ahead which can add a couple of weeks to the overall treatment time.