3 Effective Means of Improving Productivity Around a Farm

Farmer feeding the cowsJust like all other industries, profitability within the agricultural industry is proportional to the magnitude of yields experienced. With production being seasonal, deliberate efforts have to be put in place to achieve large yields that are sufficient to sustain a market until the next harvesting season.

1. Proper handling

Proper handling is a major determinant of efficiency around a farm. It differs depending on the kind of farm produce under discussion. For example, orchards may rely on the use of fruit bins for the collection and transportation of their fruit produce from the farms to the storage rooms. Such equipment does not only make handling easier, but it also protects the farm produce against possible mechanical damage. Physical injuries to fruits are likely to lower their average fetching price.

2. Hybrid crops

Every day, scientists seek to manipulate the genetic makeup of various crops to influence their characteristics. The areas of interest may be in relation to improving a crop’s resistance to pests and diseases or boosting its yield. Farmers are advised to adopt hybrid crops to increase the profitability of their agricultural businesses. Unlike indigenous crops, hybrid crops reduce the required amount of pesticides and fertilisers to be used. Some crops have also been enhanced to accelerate their progress through their life cycles.

3. Proper storage

The lack of proper storage facilities accounts for a big portion of the current world food shortage. Worldwide, it is assumed that at least a third of all the produced food goes down as waste. That means that entrepreneurs involved in the agricultural industry must invest in appropriate storage equipment and facilities. Farm produce may be stored in cold rooms to decelerate their rate of ripening as they wait to be transported to either the local or international markets.

Efficiency and productivity exist together. Every agricultural business aims at achieving maximum productivity levels. As such, they are obliged to adopt efficient operations within their farms.