3 Types of Supermarket Shoppers and How to Appeal to Them

Young couple enjoying grocery shoppingThe number one rule in business is to know your market, and this is most crucial in the supermarket business. A thriving enterprise lies on good customer service. What’s challenging in retail though is there’s a wide array of grocery shoppers. Familiarise yourself with the three types of emerging grocery shoppers:

1. The ‘Hunter’ Males

Fathers and husbands are increasingly becoming frequent visitors to supermarkets. But of course, they differ from moms who usually have a set grocery list. Men are hunters; they tend to be short-term planners, deciding to buy only the meals for tonight until tomorrow. They dash off to the checkout counter quickly, often forgetting a few items in the process.

To help this type of consumer, organise your rack systems with the help of companies like shelvingshopgroup.co.nz. Bundle your products in such a way that they could quickly get products in one reach. These will help them better in their shopping journey.

2. The Health-Conscious Millennials

Gen Y has taken over the workforce, boosting their purchasing power. Millennials have particular shopping habits, and their use of technology largely influences this. Since they’re always online (and social in the virtual world), they’re constantly exposed to health-related messages, such as diet trends, healthy recipes, food to avoid and eat, etc.

This kind of consumer then is someone who already has a grocery list, say, for a recipe they saw from a celebrity they’re following on Instagram or the vegan diet lifestyle. In fact, most millennials gravitate towards fresh-format grocery stores. To appeal to this type of consumer, dedicate a section in your supermarket that offers organic items, like a mini herbal garden, where customers can snip and get their own.

3. The Thrifty Moms

Of course, they’re still the biggest consumers in supermarkets. They’re more frugal than ever, as they become more financially informed with the rise of the Internet. To appeal to these shoppers, introduce a customer loyalty program. This will encourage them to buy more and frequently from you, at the same time, make them feel appreciated.

Remember, your market matters for your supermarket business. How are you catering to these types of shoppers?