The Different Commercial Door System Options

aluminum commercial doorYour commercial door is the main thing that visitors see when gaining access to your commercial building. It is therefore important that the door speaks the right things to everyone who sees it. Besides that, your door helps set the style and tone of the rest of the building, deciding on your choice of the door a critical one.

Metal and glass commercial doors are the most common types of commercial door systems from Remax Products that you can use for your commercial building.

Metal doors can either be of aluminium or steel as the base material.

Steel vs Aluminium Metal Doors

Steel doors are tough and can handle frequent use and a lot of traffic. They are ideal to function as an entry, back, and loading area doors. They are however not as versatile in style. Aluminium doors are commonly used as entrance doors. The doors give an attractive, sleek look that improves the aesthetic appearance of the door. Aluminium is malleable and ductile and therefore enables these doors to take different styles and forms.

Glass Doors

Glass has become a standard building material in commercial buildings in the recent past. Glass is clear giving a clear view of the outside and creating the impression that the facility is bigger than it is. Originally glass has been in use for the inside spaces, but you can use glass doors as entry doors. A common fear is that glass is easy to break and allow unauthorized access in your building. However, glass doors use toughened glass which is hard to break into.

Sliding Glass Door

These doors open by sliding to the left or right. They are ideal in spaces where easy accessibility and mobility are concerns.

Front Glass Doors

These doors can either be single doors or double doors. The doors are clear and allow a view of the inside from the outside. They are ideal for showcasing your items without allowing access.

Your choice of commercial door systems will influence the security levels of your building. Therefore consider your building requirements and choose a door that best meets your building needs.