Which Greenhouse Material Is Best for Your Home: Glass, Aluminium or Polycarbonate?

Greenhouse watering system in actionGrowing season is always exciting for amateur gardeners. It can be even more exciting if you have your own greenhouse –a nursery for the new plants you will be nurturing.

Structures dedicated to allowing living plants to thrive are popular across Australia and New Zealand. According to Edenlite, greenhouses offer so much satisfaction it is financially wise to invest in a product that lasts for years.

If you’re planning to get one for your home, the first question you must ask is, “What type of construction material is ideal?”

Glass versus polycarbonate

Before worrying about where to purchase greenhouse spare parts, focus your energy on deciding what material to use. You need a dedicated house for plants that allows them to grow healthy and withstands the forces of nature.

Glass is a great material to use for establishing an ideal microclimate for growing things. Glass structures utilise a steel frame that is often pre-treated. The main advantage of a glass structure is the allowance for direct light to pass. More sunlight means more energy for photosynthesis. Also, glass retains heat but cools down easily at the same time. Enough heat retention is necessary for plant growth.

Polycarbonate greenhouses have colour options glass cannot offer. Aside from this advantage, polycarbonate covering material is durable and light. Gardeners who choose polycarbonate over glass argue in favour of light diffusion through the plastic. The material also protects people from excessive ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Aluminium—the ideal frame

The use of aluminium alloy is becoming popular. The combination of strength and versatility makes aluminium a practical choice. Aluminium does not rust or rot. It performs well as a basic frame to an extensive conglomeration of buildings and orangeries.

Glass is a great classic choice for greenhouse covering. Polycarbonate is a popular contemporary alternative, particularly the twin-wall variety. Which of the two strikes your fancy? Consider the framing material as well when you browse greenhouse kit options online.