Zero Water Wastage: Make the Most of Your Water

Drop of water with white backgroundAustralia has one of the most restrictive regulations when it comes to water — and for good reasons. Being the driest continent on the planet, Australia needs to deal with unique sets of problems, and one of their solutions is regulation. Yes, you can just pay a fine, but a better solution is to use your water more efficiently.

General Measures

One of the best solutions to water restrictions is having more water resources. Installing rainwater tanks in your house in Australia can give you an extra source of water for a good part of the year. This alternative source is important, especially if you are living away from the city with little to no access to municipal water. A single 50,000-liter rainwater tank can provide for the daily needs of an average family for 2-3 months, more so if they use their water diligently.

Another way to maximise the efficiency of water use for the whole house is to minimise loss. Check your pipes for leaks — a single dripping fitting can waste close to 25 litres of water a day.

Saving Water in the Bathroom

A mere 10 minutes of showering can use 200 litres of water; that is enough drinking water for 20 days. A more efficient showerhead reduces this consumption to 70 litres. You can easily see a product’s water efficiency through its Water Efficiency Labelling and Standard (WELS) rating. The government instituted the WELS rating so that you can easily see what products use water more efficiently. A shower and toilet with good WELS ratings can cut down your water consumption by a third of what you normally use.

Maximising Outdoor Water Efficiency

Outdoor use of water should be set at the absolute minimum — indoor use is more important by far. If you can avoid using water, then, by all means, do so. If you have plants in your garden, make sure they are drought-tolerant species that need very little water. Use a bucket when cleaning your car. Better yet, go to a water-efficient car wash.

Australia’s water problems will not be going away any time soon. All you can do is stay smart and do your part in being as efficient as possible in your water use.