Study: Better Patient Care Relies on Compassion Practices for Nurses

Healthcare professionalsResearchers from the University of Arizona (UA) believe that compassion practices for nurses hold the key to better patient care.

While nursing joins the top 10 fastest-growing jobs in the country, a conundrum exists in this sector. This manifests through the number of new nurses that are fewer than those who leave the profession. For this reason, compassion practices may help in solving this trend, based on the study.

Employment Trends

According to the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, almost 20% of nursing professionals quit their jobs in their first year. On the other hand, one in three nurses leaves the profession within just two years. This presents a significant problem due to the growing demand for healthcare workers.

The solution, however, requires simple organizational practices such as rewarding and acknowledging caregiving work. Hospitals and clinics, in particular, need to provide nurses with different ways to combat stress, as the “burnout epidemic” seems to be common among them, according to Allison Gabriel, the study’s co-author. The research based its findings from almost 180 nurses that work in a Southeastern hospital system in Arizona.

Top Jobs

Nurses who feel torn about leaving the profession and remaining committed to the industry have other options, such as choose to be a certified legal nurse consultant. Schools like The Center For Legal Studies offer this legal studies course that may help them explore a new career path.

If salary serves as your foremost reason to switch careers, an anesthesiologist ranked as the best-paying job in the country for this year, according to U.S. News & World Report. Aside from anesthesiologists, the top five jobs with the best salaries include surgeons and orthodontist.


Nurses play an equally important role to the U.S. healthcare system amid a growing population, which is why hospitals and other facilities need to look after their welfare.