2 Tips for Keeping Your Car Insurance Rates Low and Affordable

woman in a car showroomIf one look at your insurance premium rates is enough to drive you up the walls, then it is time to make a few adjustments. These rates are not cast in stone, but they reflect who you are as a driver and the choices you make.

Therefore, you have the power and ability to bring them to a more affordable level and save a ton of money in the process. To have the best experience when taking auto insurance in Harvey, IL, you need to take a few precautions.

1. Ease off the gas pedal

Regardless of how much power you have under the hood, you would do well to avoid pressing the pedal to the metal. Careening around corners and speeding over rough surfaces is a double tragedy. It increases the wear and tear on the car and is likely to raise your insurance premiums.

Dangerous driving increases the likelihood of getting into an accident or getting a citation. These traffic infractions mark you as a high-risk driver, driving up your insurance rates. The more moving violations you rack up, the higher the cost of your insurance.

2. Ease of the credit card

Your financial habits also have a considerable bearing on your insurance payments. See, the insurers use your credit score to calculate your premiums. A low credit score — a result of being constantly behind payments or carrying too much debt — begets high-cost insurance.

If your score is low, you might have to pay up to twice as much as the person with a good score. Aim to keep your score above the 700 mark. Watching your spending habits can lower the amount of debt you carry, and it could boost your score and keep insurance rates affordable for you.

High insurance costs can leave a gaping hole in your finances by driving up your car running expenses. By keeping safe on the road and checking your spending habits, you can keep these costs low and affordable.