Pave The Way For A Successful Mortgage Application With 2 Smart Moves

Happy couple after approved loanMany people have a hard time making the cut when applying for a mortgage loan to buy their dream homes. In most cases, such applicants have made grave oversights that ding their chances of success.

The success of your mortgage loan application is a sum of many financial factors that date back several years. To avoid incurring losses when giving out loans, lenders like subject all applicants to a thorough vetting process. Such a process enables them to weed out the high-risk borrowers.

To get on the short list, you must demonstrate that you are creditworthy and pose no risk to their investment. In most cases, it means having a clean financial history that spans several years. To achieve this feat, you must be an early adopter of great money habits.

1. Be careful with your credit card

While credit cards are convenient, they carry a dangerous side that most people are continually aware of. Charging an item to your credit card just gives you a leeway to pay for the purchase later. In most cases, it buys you an extra 30 days before you can part with cash from your account.

Hence, you need to pay the credit card company on or before the month ends. Failing to clear the balance during this period opens you up to steep interest rates, fines, and penalties. It is imperative that you don’t charge more than you can afford to pay each month.

2. Don’t let your bills go to collection

A missed appointment with your doctor could saddle you with a small fine such as $20. Such a fine is likely to infuriate you to the extent of ignoring all calls to pay up. While that might seem like a smart move, you are in fact digging yourself into a hole.

Fed up with your unresponsiveness, the doctor is likely to forward the bill to a collection agency. Also, to put up with the endless calls from the agency, you must pay the accumulated fines. If the collection agency reports the bill to the credit bureau, it can ding your credit score.

Securing a mortgage loan is crucial to realizing your dreams of owning a home. You need to avoid common mistakes that can lower our chances of qualifying for one.