Solicitors or Barristers: Who Do You Need?

Portrait of a solicitor Many often use the terms lawyer, solicitor, and barrister interchangeably, but do you know what different services they offer? In truth, these are all terms for a lawyer. Their roles, however, are quite distinct, with each focusing on an area of a case.

For many people, a lawyer should know everything that pertains to the law and the courts. However, some distinctions could help you understand which type of lawyer would be of most help to you.


A solicitor works to provide legal advice to different types of clients. They include the following:

1. Private organisations or companies;

2. Individuals;

3. Public companies.

Solicitors prepare documentation for a case. They work together with their clients to prepare documents, contracts, agreements, or any other report crucial to the court proceedings. The misconception is that you have to dig deep into your pockets to acquire solicitor services. Contrary to this, there are a good number of cheap solicitors available who can deliver equally exceptional services.


This expert is responsible for providing suitable advice on the law for a case in the courtroom. He can give legal advice and shows up in court at the solicitors request. A barrister contributes to the final judgement on a case. A barrister could have a chosen area of specialisation, which includes sports, entertainment, housing, divorce, personal injury, criminal law, and commercial law.

All Lawyers

Barristers and solicitors are both lawyers, and they do their best to represent their clients’ cases. They furnish the court with written legal documents and advise clients on the best legal steps to follow.

At times solicitors, barristers and lawyers combine efforts, working towards a favourable outcome of their client’s case. It is imperative to be aware of what kinds of services they could offer you. Make sure you know if you need a solicitor or barrister, and ask for the right kind of aid which they can give you.