Coating Options for Cabinets to Enhance Corrosion Resistance

white kitchen cabinetMost cabinets in the past were only made of wood. Thankfully, there's now a wide range of material options for kitchen cabinets. Steel cabinets are all the rage owing to easy maintenance, durability, and high sanitation, making them ideal for both residential and commercial kitchens. They are therefore the best choice for businesses aiming for a varied clientele.

Your clients, however, might be concerned that steel cabinets are not entirely corrosion and rust-free. The good thing is some stainless kitchen cabinets come with added coatings, which make them resistant to corrosion. Here are some examples of the coatings used:

Inorganic Zinc Coating

There are different zinc coatings, but inorganic zinc is the best option for corrosion resistance. The steel used for the construction of cabinets is dipped in melted inorganic zinc, which coats its surface. The zinc coating is not only corrosion resistant but will also protect the underlying steel from abrasions.

Epoxy Coating

This is applied in a 4-6mm thickness and sometimes 8mm in places with a heightened risk of corrosion. It binds well on steel surfaces and can also serve as a surface primer for application of other decorative finishes. Epoxy coating is generally the best choice for places where chemical erosion is also a risk since it forms a barrier against this.

Aluminum Coating

Steel can be dipped in hot pure aluminum or aluminum-silicon to enhance its resistance to corrosion. Aluminum-silicon is typically used in places with considerable heat like commercial kitchen while pure aluminum is used in areas that are highly prone to atmospheric corrosion. Both types of aluminum coatings offer optimal protection to the underlying steel.

These coatings will significantly minimise the chances of corrosion of the steel cabinets you sell. They will also reduce the costs and frequency of premature replacements of different parts of the cabinets. This, in turn, will boost your business’ credibility and keep your doors open and profits flowing in.